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I cannot believe it. In two days, I leave for one of my greatest adventures.

  1. Flights booked? Check.
  2. International Driver’s License? Check.
  3. Enough money to survive a couple months? Check(-ish).
  4. Bags packed? Working on it…

And honestly, on a scale of 1-10, I am (finally) at a full 10. Although, it is probably not for the reasons you may think.

The fact that everyone’s life still goes on, even though I may not be around, is not lost on me. I am extremely aware of all the things I will be missing out on this summer. The FOMO is so real. Crazy and fun weeks of camp, birthdays, family trips, and everything in between are all happening without me this summer and, at first, that truly freaked me out.

On Wednesday, as I washed the third or fourth car of the day (Honestly, it’s all a blur in that wash bay), I had a realization. You guys, all the events and occasions I am missing out on, but that you all get to be a part of, are just as exciting and important as the stuff I will be doing in Jo-burg. Initially, this epiphany had the potential to be a bit depressing, but I am so excited for all of you!

You are all going to have such incredible summers – seasons of growth – and I cannot wait to hear all about them. As I go away for this short time, we all have the opportunity – in our different locales –  to grow in different directions, discover our passions, get to know ourselves, and maybe even get a peek at who we are supposed to be. Doesn’t that just get you pumped!?

Some of the people in my life – but really, especially Prov people – have a lot of the same experiences as me. We have been going through life, experiencing many of the same things, and all at a very close proximity. We are all still, most definitely, individuals with our own unique thoughts and experiences, but we haven’t had a lot of time to “grow up and away”.

I love you guys, but I think we may need some space.

This summer, while I am away doing my thing and you all get to do your (totally rad) things, we have an opportunity for some serious reflection and growth. While we suffer live through this time of separation from each other, we can examine ourselves. We can see what kind of person we are now and discover where we are maybe headed. This summer is our chance to maybe finally grow – whether that be growing up, growing away from the things you need to let go, or growing into the woman or man you hope to be.

All this growth doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re all going to grow apart from each other! Well, I sure hope not. I am actually quite confident that we will all be able to come back together as better friends and people. I believe that discovering and beginning to better know who you are will allow you to be a better person, friend, and sister or brother in Christ to those around you.

I am so blessed to be able to spend my summer in a new city, filled with new experiences and opportunities to learn, but I have discovered that, at the end of my adventure, we have all been doing something awesome. You guys, I am so excited to hear about your summers!

I cannot wait to hear about how you have all started, navigated, and endured your adventures of a lifetime! I am living for that moment at the end of the summer, when we are all brought back together, and get to swap crazy stories full of laughter and learning.

You guys are in for a wild ride. I know it.

But like, don’t start a blog about it or anything, okay? It’s sort of my thing now


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